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Japan’s rebuttal to China’s forged    claims
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Committee for International Affairs, Nippon Kaigi
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November 2000,Published by Meisei-sha,Inc.Tokyo,Japan
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Criticize throughly China’s claim, ‘Nanking      Massacre of 300,000’!
● Give evidence that no one among westerners      who lived in Nanking claimed the murder of      300,000 persons.
● Give evidence that the Japanese Army ordered      soldiers to obey the international humanitarian      law and not to make unlawful conduct.
● Verify that the burial records presented      as an evidence of the large-scale murder      were padded.
The China Communist Party (CCP) frequently      persists in requesting Japan to show an attitude      of the ‘remorse and apology’ for the behavior      that Japan took to China in past, citing      the ‘Nanking Massacre’ as an example. As      for its intention, there is no doubt that      the CCP aims at withdrawal of the ‘compensation      and financial assistance’ and the ‘concession’      from Japan as analyzed by the Library and      Congress, Congressional Research Service.      At the same time, in order for the CCP to      establish the hegemony in the post Cold War      East Asia, the CCP has to drive a wedge into      the Japan-U.S. alliance, which is an obstacle      on the road to its hegemony. Therefore it      may say that as one of measures to accomplish      this, the CCP intends to have ex-Allied Nations      recall the ‘evil act of ex-enemy Japan’ stressing      old ties of Allied Nations.
It is obviously telling of the China’s intention      that on the background of the sales campaign      of The Rape of Nanking, we can catch a glimpse      of the shadow of the CCP through the activities      of Chinese-Americans and overseas Chinese      merchant organizations in the U.S.
―OHARA Yasuo, Conclusion

The first shot, it’s the first rebuttal to the anti-Japanese campaign being eveloped in the States!
― Dedicated to the people all over the world      who love the spirit of fair play.
For a half century after World War Ⅱ, Japan      has kept silent whenever and however we were      falsely accused of this problem. Here, we      would like to break the silence for the first      time. We will not scream like the Chinese,      but set forth our views purely and fairly      as an accused standing in the dock of a courthouse,      speaking in a low tone of voice, asking the      fair judgment of the readers. ―TAKEMOTO Tadao, Preface
Chapter I  What was the ‘Nanking Massacre’?
1. The Road from Shanghai to Nanking
2. Prosecution of the ‘Nanking Massacre’
Chapter Ⅱ  Re-Examination the Proofs of      the Prosecution
1. The number of casualties, 300,000
Argument 1 After the Japanese occupation,      did the population of Nanking decrease by      more than 300,000?
Argument 2 Did the ‘Chinese postwar investigation’      have probative value and admissibility?
Argument 3 Did westerners witness the massacre?
Argument 4 Were Japanese high officials      aware of the massacre?
2. Systematic Massacre
Argument 5 Did the Japanese Army plan a      systematic murder?
Argument 6 Was the mopping-up operation      a systematic murder?
Argument 7 Did the Japanese Army have a      policy of killing POWs?
3. Systematic large scale of looting and      rape
Argument 8 Did the Japanese Army practice      systematic looting?
Argument 9 Did the Japanese Army commit      systematic rape?
4. Frantic Atrocities
Argument 10 Did Japanese officers perform      the ‘Murder Race’?
Chapter Ⅲ  The Proof, which denied some      evidences submitted by the Prosecution
1. Photos, movies and witnesses testifying      that Nanking was restoring the peace and      order
2. Burial Records which denied the massacre
3. False Smythe’s Investigation
4. Incomprehensible attitudes of the KMT
Chapter Ⅳ  The ‘Nanking Massacre’ is the      falsest accusation of the century
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